Geographic implantation

The center of intensive language instruction as part of the structures of the University Abu bekr Belkaid Tlemcen is in the heart of New Pole Imama which is located in the outskirts of the city. The CEIL is more precisely to the second floor of the administration block of the department of foreign languages. New Pole Imama is one of seven Poles University of Tlemcen plus Annex Maghnia. These clusters are hosting seven faculties: Imama The center brings together faculty of economic and management sciences; of law and political science. The former site Biomedical is now devoted to the preparatory school of business and management sciences. New Pole Mansoura includes the faculties of arts and languages; humanities and social sciences; Natural sciences and life and earth sciences and the universe; Sciences. The Pole of Chetouane includes the faculties of engineering science and technology. The center brings together Kiffane Popular Culture, Archaeology and History. The Pole Downtown includes the medical school and the education authority. The Pole of Bel Horizon is devoted to the preparatory school of science and technology. 7 poles are spread geographically in four towns (Tlemcen, Mansoura, Chetouane and Maghnia). Each division corresponds to a specialty.